Quality Control

Unlike other UK based companies involved in the sourcing and sale of Chinese plywood we have our own team of inspectors in China who are employed by our company and between them have many years experience in production and quality control of plywood.

Apart from realwood veneered plywood and blockboard, every individual piece of commercial plywood is carefully inspected “Piece by piece” prior to shipment and any plywood which does not pass our stringent quality control is rejected. Our quality control process commences at the start of production when the veneers are checked to ensure they are the correct quality and moisture content and finishes when the plywood is produced, inspected and ready for packing. Our inspection process includes a physical inspection of every panel to check for:
Colour variation
Press marks
Core gaps / overlaps
Size tolerance
Thickness tolerance
Moisture content

During our inspection a number of photographs are taken which are then submitted to the buyer together with a copy of our Inspection Report.

A Copy of our Inspection Report can be seen here.

Inspections are also 'Tailored' to meet the individual requirements of different products. For example, the characteristics and quality of door skin plywood are different to those for commercial plywood and our inspectors are fully aware of the differences and will undertake their inspection accordingly.

It should be noted that whilst a number of Chinese plywood manufacturers / exporters websites refer to their quality control and inspection processes, from experience we know that the number of inspectors they have are usually exaggerated and they do not usually undertake the inspection of every individual piece of plywood.